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These were all recorded Direct to DAW straight from the POD GO L&R Out’s
Hey Glenn! I had a chance to download the new presets and IRs. They sound terrific! You did an awesome job (as usual). Keep the good stuff coming, brother! __________________________ Got it on my helix today. Spent the evening pretending I was Tom Sholtz!! They’re all excellent ! The variac Marshall has already replaced one of my go to amp sims. Well worth the small price and then some. THANKS __________________________ Email arrived, I paid..what can I say...truly, in my opinion, the very best for the helix available...Thanks Glen, they sound fab. __________________________ Great video, as per, the tones that the helix produces with your presets are stunning. __________________________ Just bought the pack for Pod Go and this is my instant fave! Thanks GD! __________________________ Amazing! I just picked up the pack today. My friend Tracy is the bass player for Boston and I will be sure to show him this! __________________________ Thanks Glenn! I just bought the whole set at your site. Now to be able to play as good as you!!! God bless you and all you love! __________________________ Just tons of great tone, fantastic job Glenn!
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Glenn DeLaune Custom Presets
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