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Custom Label System for your Boss GT-100 or Boss GT-10
For the Boss GT-100
For the Boss GT-10
Each package includes 30 stickers as shown here!
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Watch the Video Here
When ordering please specify whether for Boss GT-10 or Boss GT-100 in the Special Instructions box and Don’t Forget To Add Your Shipping Address. Packages ship within 2 business days after ordering.
These Custom Labels for the Boss GT-100 and Boss GT-10 fit perfectly in the recessed area of the pedal label on these units. These are useful if you want to re-label your board or if you use Manual Mode you can label what each pedal activates in your Manual Mode.
Total Bundle Price $48.95
GT-100 & GT-001 Ultimate Patch Bundle
Boss GT-100 & GT-001 Total Bundle Buy Link
The Ultimate Patch Bundle for the Boss GT-100 includes the following: David Gilmour Patches (4 Presets), Metal Masters Patches (12 Presets), Custom Artists Patches (21 Presets), Direct to Clean Channel Amp (17 Presets), Standard Patch Set (50 Presets).
Includes 104 Patches
Includes 20 Patches   $10.99
Click here to view Full Patch List
My Custom Artists Patches include patches that emulate the sound of your favorite Classic guitar Giants like ACDC, Robin Trower, Rush, Alice In Chains, Ozzy, Joe Satriani, Queensryche, Santo & Johnny  Aerosmith,  ZZ Top, Black Sabbath, Larry Carlton, Journey, Vince Gill, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Van Halen, & Steve Vai
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Custom Artists Patches for GT- 100 & GT-001
Watch my Boss Masters of Metal Patches Demo Video Here!
Watch my Boss Custom Artists Patches Demo Video Here!
Master of Metal Patches for GT-100 & GT-001
Tone Studio Compatible
Here are my Metal Master patches for the Boss GT-100 & 00. Here I have compiled 12 separate patches of some of my Favorite Metal guitarists. Tones in the style of John Petrucci and Mick Marz & Dave Mustaine just to name a few.
Tone Studio Compatible
Includes 21 Patches   $10.99
Click here to view Full Patch List
Direct to Front of Clean Channel Amp or Amp FX Return Patches for GT-100 & GT-001
Includes 17 Patches    $9.99
Here are my Direct to Clean Channel Amp or Amp FX Return Custom Patches  for the Boss GT-100 & 001. These are specially optimized for use in the front input of a Clean Channel amp or into the FX Return of an amp.
Tone Studio Compatible
Watch my Boss Direct to Amp Patches Demo Video Here!
Click here to view Full Patch List
Standard Patch Set for GT-100 & GT-001
Includes 6 Patches    $5.99
Here is my Standard Bundle that includes 50 of my Custom patches. These are the ones I have used in my videos and I use these live as well.
Tone Studio Compatible
4 Cable Method Patches
Watch my Boss 4CM Patches Demo Video Here!
These special Patches were created for those of you who like to use real tube amps in conjunction with the Boss GT-100. With these patches you can use your tube amps distortion Preamp circuit and only use the FX in the GT-100
Includes 50 Patches    $10.99
Here are my new David Gilmour patches for the Boss GT-100 & 001. There are 4 patches in this Mini-Bundle that include the Sound on Sound Effect as shown in the video and also a Gilmour Clean, Glimour Crunch and Gilmour Lead Patch
David Gilmour Patches for GT- 100 & GT-001
Tone Studio Compatible
Includes 4 Patches    $4.99
Watch my Boss David Gilmour Patches Demo Video Here!
ME-80 Custom Patches
Tone Studio Compatible
These are my Custom ME-80 Patches. This bundle includes 18 unique ME-80 Patches that are optimized for Direct Stereo Recording and also for use into the front of a Clean Channel Amp or Amp FX Return!
Includes 18 Patches $9.99
Watch my Boss ME-80 Patches Demo Video Here!
GP-10 Custom Patches
Tone Studio Compatible
These are my Custom GP-10 Patches. This bundle includes 21 unique GP-10 Patches that are optimized for Direct Stereo Recording and also for Stereo or Mono direct connection to a PA. They also sound awesome going Mono out to an on stage monitor!
Includes 21 Patches  $10.99
Click here to view Full Patch List
Watch my Boss GP-10 Patches Demo Video Here!
GT-10 Audio Samples (click the links below)
GT-10 Custom Patches
Includes 72 Patches  $10.99
Here are my GT-10 Standard Patches Includes 72 of my Custom Patches for the Boss GT-10.
GT-10 4CM Patches
Here are my 4 cable Method Patches for the Boss GT-10 that I demonstrate in this video here.
Includes 20 Patches  $9.99
Watch my Boss GT-10 4CM Patches Demo Video Here!
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