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Watch my Screen Protector Demo Video Here!
Fractal Audio AX8 / FX8 Screen Protectors
Description: Clear Lexan .010 Thickness, Rear Edge Adhesive, Front Flat Black Edge Striping!  Will not leave any glue residue on unit when removed!! My Fractal Screen Protectors have been sent to Countries all over the World!! France, Germany, Canada, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Czech Republic, Russia.  
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Fractal Audio AX8 & AXE FX Custom Patches
Watch my Fractal Custom  Patches Video Here!
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Fractal Audio AXE FX Custom Patches. These are compatible with the AXE FX MK I, MK II, XL & XL+ Models
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I am proud to announce my very first Fractal Audio AX8 & AXE FX Custom Patches Pack 1. This pack includes 16 of my Custom Patches for the Fractal AX8 & AXE FX that have been tested for Direct to FOH, FRFR- CLR Wedge, Friedman ASM-12, Line 6 Firehawk 1500 and also into the FX return of a Marshall JVM Tube head and 4x12 cab. These are pretty much “Plug-N-Play”. They also translate very well to almost any guitar so should work with whatever guitars you throw at them. The AX8 Pack includes “Cheat Sheet Notes” for each of the patches and both AX7 & AXE FX packsalso a link to download 10 of my Custom Backing Tracks.
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